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Here’s a refresher on labor services. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 312-226-6738 or email
We’ve got you covered. 

Types of Labor Services

There are two types of electrical labor: floor work and booth work. Floor work is defined as any electrical run under carpet distribution and/or outlets. Whereas, booth work is defined as hanging lights, hooking up electrical equipment, installing plasma/LCD monitors, signage or light boxes and display cases.

What’s Required?

For exhibits with a total of 20 amps or more, labor is required and/or installation is needed under carpet or overhead. There is also a minimum required labor charge to deliver power to Island booths. Please check your order form and complete a diagram. In some cases, labor may be required to hang lights within your booth.

Though your invoice is based off actual hours worked, it is recommended you estimate the number of workers and hours required for installation and/or dismantling your booth to get an accurate price quote. Typically, dismantle is charged at half of the install labor time. Depending on complexity, this charge may be more or less.

To help you make the best estimate, we’ve assembled a list of what requires labor and/or materials:

  • Under-carpet distribution of electrical cords will require labor.
  • Outlets over 20 amps and/or with voltage over 120V will require electrical labor (including all 208V and 480V outlets).
    • Anytime 480V power is on, a standby electrician is required.
    • Sharing power or plugging into facility outlets is prohibited.
  • Installation and/or repair of electrical fixtures, including booth lights, monitors and televisions requires labor.
  • Labor is required to inspect and hook up equipment pre-wired to plug into our equipment.
  • Overhead distribution of cords, wiring, coaxial cable, fiber optics, twisted pairs, etc. and the distribution of same from product to booth and from booth to booth requires labor.
  • Motor and equipment connections requiring hard wiring and installation of electrical motors and given apparatus to be energized requires labor.

Hanging Lights in Your Booth

Pop-up displays—or 10X10 booths that can be assembled in 30 minutes or less without tools—do not need to order labor to hang lights. For any other booths, Prime’s electrical labor is required to install lighting due to union contracts.