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Rigging Services

Design and Execution for Every Project

Our Services

Here’s a refresher on rigging services. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 312-226-6738 or email
We’ve got you covered. 

Rigging Services

Prime has extensive experience in rigging design and execution for every type of project, including signs, trusses, audio systems, lighting components, exhibits, special display items and theatrical systems.

All projects are designed and installed by highly trained and experienced technicians. We can provide the full technical design, installation and rigging equipment capabilities you need for a tradeshow or production. We also provide power distribution systems and electrical rigging for lighting, audio/visual and special effects.

Hanging Truss & Lighting Equipment

Responsibilities of an official electrical contractor include:

  • Prime EES personnel/employees must operate all chain motors, including the final trim.
  • Prime EES personnel/employees only will be allowed in aerial lifts.
  • Only Prime EES personnel/employees will be allowed to operate mechanized equipment.
  • Prime EES personnel/employees must assemble and disassembled any and all overhead rigging. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Assembly of all truss
    • Attachment and disassembly of light fixtures to truss
    • Installation and dismantle of power sources
    • Programmable dimmable lighting packages, chain motors and span set
    • Running all initial power sources
    • Connecting to the dimmable power sources
  • Prime EES Electricians install/dismantle all programmable dimmable lighting fixtures, video walls, audio, and projection.

Ground Supported Truss & Lighting

Responsibilities of an official electrical contractor include:

  • All Prime EES Electricians will provide installation and dismantle labor of self-climbing and /or mechanized truss systems.
  • Prime EES Electricians must install and dismantle any programmable dimmable lighting fixtures that are attached to any ground-supported truss.
  • Prime EES Electricians must assemble and disassemble as well as install and dismantle all electrical hanging signs.

Hanging Signs

For electrical and non-electrical signs, responsibilities of an official electrical contractor include:

  • Prime EES will install chain hoist and attach sign to the hoist
  • General Contractor will provide labor to build sign
  • Signs over 250 pounds require a chain host

Placing Your Rigging Order

When placing your order, please:

  • Complete the Electrical Order Form
  • Complete the Electrical Labor Order Form
  • Include Rigging Plot in a DWG format with the order forms – plot must reflect the following:
    • Hang point location
    • Height above the floor of each hang point
    • Weight that will be suspended from each hang point
    • Exhibit plan showing the location of the hang points and the structure as it pertains to the exhibit plan
  • Submit a Structural Integrity Statement
  • Complete the Method of Payment
  • Order Online or Send the above information to Prime EES